OpenDNS: When your browser can't find the website

Last spring, we outgrew once and for all the capabilities of our current server (i.e., computer setup) situation for our website customers. So we had to move everything to a new server. On most counts, this was a good move. The new server has more space, it's much faster and should all around work better. However, we ran into a situation that is becomming a problem for websites all around.

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Google Adsense

adsense logo smWhile I have nothing against advertising on websites, I'm generally uncomfortable adding third party advertising to commercial sites. Commercial sites (those promoting a business product or service) have enough to do to get their message across clearly and succinctly. Adding ads, in my opinion, dilutes the primary message. The worst possible situation is when a competing product is advertised on your site, and that is all too easy to happen. So why have I included Google Ads on this page?

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To CAPCHA, or not

CaptchaCAPTCHA stands for Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Humans Apart. For the non-computer scientists in the audience, that may beg the question, but the bottom line is that it is a mechanism to hopefully limit the amount of spam we get from our contact and other web forms.

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Do Plumbers Call Plumbers for Work?

When I started out in business, I was at first flattered by all the attention I got from vendors who wanted to sell me stuff. They found me before I found them or, in most cases, before I even knew I had a need for their services. Of course, by and large, I soon figured out that it was their job to find me and try to sell me any manner of thing that I did not need.

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Fox Computer Systems

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